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Yay account made :D

2008-12-07 15:50:41 by ZackV93

Been lurking around newgrounds for a while now, decided to make an account... I submitted a remix to the audio portal, have to wait for it to get approved by a mod first. As soon as I do I'll leave a link in here. Hope to be a really great remix-er eventually.

EDIT: Here it is, hope everyone likes it!!! /192831


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2008-12-07 16:10:36

n00b lol kidding

ZackV93 responds:

Hah technically I am a newb of sorts however that will not change my attitude on things and I promise to be a good part of the NG community. Plus I'm not really a noob, only a newb/newbie.


2008-12-08 00:40:26

sup sup... everything is all cool.

I'll give your song a looksie.


ZackV93 responds:

Hah thanks, hope you like the song, I put a lot of work into it.